Sunday, November 29, 2009

35 Weeks!!

35 Weeks!

I'm excited to be 35 weeks!  We are going to have a great week celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents.  They have been coming to our house for Thanksgiving since we lived in Lake Forest-I think this is our 5th Thanksgiving that we've done at our house!

Lex is making the turkey, as usual.  He does an amazing 2-hour turkey that is so yummy!  He even brines it the night before.  We all love it every year!  I make the sides with the help of my parents and Lex.

We are continuing to work on the nursery.  We've got the furniture all set up and I'm starting to organize all the baby stuff we have!  We have a lot of clothes!  I need to get to work on washing them all and then organizing them by size so they will be ready when baby arrives!
We also still need to get a crib mattress and more bedding for the crib, as well as the glider and ottoman that I want!  So I'm doing more research and I think I have it all worked out as to where I'll be getting everything.  I'll probably start ordering things over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here are some photos of the room so far-it's not done, but its definitely getting close and I'm feeling good about it.  It's actually looking like a baby's room!

The Nursery

The crib and changing table is along the right wall

The stroller and car seat are in the room right now so the cats don't get to them!

Dresser drawers are on the left hand wall of the room

I'm still working on Thank You notes for all the wonderful gifts we have received from family and friends!  So if you haven't received one yet, it's coming!!

Until next week!


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