Monday, December 7, 2009

37 Weeks

37 Weeks!

I'm 37 Weeks which means that I'm officially full term!!  I'm so excited to reach this milestone!

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the photo for Week 36, which is bugging me because I really wanted to compare this week's photo to last week's.  A few people have told me that I've dropped or at least am starting to!  I can't quite tell from this photo...I think that maybe it looks like it a little, but I don't know-what do you think?  Physically, it doesn't feel like she's dropped yet, though, but who knows!

Our baby girl is moving around a lot-I don't really feel kicks anymore, I just feel a good amount of movement-elbows and knees sticking out, feet in my ribs, etc!  It's funny to feel her hiccup too, which she is doing frequently!  It's also good because I can reassure myself that her head is still down!

This weekend we made a few more purchases that we needed-we got a great deal at Babies R' Us on the baby monitor I wanted.  We ordered the breast pump that I've had recommended by so many friends from Medela-Lex found a great deal online for me!  Also, I started packing my bag for the hospital this weekend-there's so much stuff to remember and I'm glad I have a good list from my Hypnobabies class on what to bring!

Now we still need to get a mattress for the crib and the glider and ottoman for the nursery.  I'm still trying to decide if we really need the crib set or not.  We also still need to get the extra car set base for Lex's car and then install the car seat in my car at least!  It's hard to believe that there is so much to do for such a little baby!  My mom is coming on Monday to help me with some last preparations, which should be fun!!

I'm going to have a lot more time, though, after this week because it's my last week at work before I go on maternity leave.  I've already started a list of the things I want to accomplish before she arrives!  As excited as I am for her to arrive, though, I hope that she waits until her due date to arrive so I can finish everything!

The other big news this week is that December 1st marked our 9 year anniversary of our first date!  The photo below is from our 2nd date, but I figure it's close enough (we didn't take a photo on our first date!)

Our 2nd Date

To Lex, the love of my life, I can't believe that it's been 9 years since we had our first date!  It was a magical night, and we've had an fantastic 9 years!  I am so looking forward to our little family growing soon (hopefully I'll be giving you an amazing birthday/Christmas gift!!) and to becoming parents together!  It's been an amazing journey and I know that we're in for an even more wonderful journey as we become parents!  Here's to another 9 years and beyond!  
I love you!

Well, that's this week's update!