Monday, September 28, 2009

27 Weeks!

27 Weeks!!

I'm determined not to get behind on this-so I'm catching up this evening!!  We went to our 2nd Hypnobabies class this evening!  It was fun and informative!  We learned a lot about nutrition, so I have to start tracking what I'm eating going forward!  Hopefully I can do a good job!  My focus now is to get enough protein.

Our baby girl is still kicking away!  Now some of the kicks are getting stronger and I can feel more than just a little bump when she gets active!  Her movements are also becoming more frequent (at least I feel them more frequently) as she grows and is getting bigger!  It's so exciting!  I read that she is around 2 lbs now! 

In other exciting news, we are working on turning the guest room into the baby room.  What is currently our office, will become the office/new guest room.  But we have to make enough room for guests.  So we moved me out of the office and I now have a small desk (which is a good thing for me...less space = less possibilities for messes!) and my own art/office area in the upstairs loft area.  You can see the stairs leading downstairs on the left hand side.  The doors on the right open to our washer and dryer.  If I sit at the desk, the office is directly behind me. And behind me and to the left is what will be the baby's room.  There is also a pretty good sized open floor space behind me (this is the "loft" area) about 7x9 ft where the baby could play (swing, bouncer, play mat?) while I sit here and do work/play/etc!  I'm very happy with the space!  We got the table/desk at Ikea and Lex did a great job of making sure it was put together in no time flat for me!  (Thanks Honey!!)

Well, that's all for this week!  I'll let you know how I'm doing with tracking my eating next week!  Wish me luck!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

26 Weeks!!

26 Weeks!

I'm officially 1 week behind now!  I'm actually surprised that it took this long for me to get 1 weeks behind, as we're so busy!

We started our childbirth classes this past week on Monday!  I really enjoyed the class, and I think Lex liked it too!  We have homework that we have to complete before next week, which will take some time, but we are enjoying preparing for this big event in our lives together.  The preparations will not only prepare us for all the new changes to come, but bring us closer together as well!

Until next week (or until I catch up!!)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

25 Weeks!

25 Weeks!

This post is a bit late because I've been so tired this week!  I make it through the day just fine, but then I come home and crash!  We had the exact same dinner two nights in a row because I had no imagination and was so tired that I couldn't make dinner that night, so we just had the leftovers from dinner the night before!

A cool thing happened over the weekend-Baby was kicking and as I looked down at my stomach, I realized that I could actually see her kicks as well as feel them!  When she kicked, my whole stomach moved!  It was pretty cool!

I did more work on our registry (several people have asked-we're registered at mainly, and also at  Its amazing how much research is needed for everything we put on the list!  There are about 20-100 different versions of a single item and each has its pros and cons.  I spent a lot of time reading customer reviews of each product and then deciding on the one I liked.  I had no idea that registering would take so much work!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

24 Weeks!

24 Weeks!

Wow, I feel like there is a noticeable difference between this week's and last week's photos! This photo makes me look really pointy too!

I'm excited to hit 24 weeks, as it marks the point of viability-babies born after 24 weeks have a chance of survival, which is not the case before 24 weeks-so it's nice to hit this milestone.  Of course, we are hoping our little one doesn't make an appearance until her due date, but it's nice to know that if she does, we are at the point of viability!

It was nice to have a long weekend this weekend!  Both Lex and I got some much needed rest and slept in every day!  On Saturday, I joined Lex at the SCMM Dyno Day and watch lots of MINIs on the dyno.  On Sunday, we went to the memorial service for a dear friend and fellow club member who passed away recently.  It was very sad, as he was so full of life.  It made me feel very thankful for what I have.  Then today, we ran some errands and I got a lot of work done on our bedroom-it looks really nice!  Now I feel like I can start working on some other areas of the house that need to be worked on before the baby gets here!  

Tomorrow morning, I'm planning on going to the gym for my yoga class!  I haven't been in a long time, and I need to get back into exercising!  Hopefully, tomorrow will be the start of a new routine!  Even if I go just once a week, it will be a start...but I'm planning on going twice a week!  Wish me luck!

Baby girl is kicking away more and more often now!  Its so much fun to feel her moving and shifting and kicking (though the dancing on my bladder isn't so nice!)  Even more fun is to have Lex feel her move!  I have a feeling she's going to be an active little one!